In the first stage of 1984, when ministries were reforming, the jute division and commerce division have been separated from industry and commerce ministry, and reform as a separate ministry by name Textile & Jute ministry. Actually by the cabinet divisions notice at 8 July in 1986, these two ministries had started their activities as independent ministries. Therefore an ordinance has been enforced at 6 may in 2004 to unify Textile ministry and Jute ministry as Textile & Jute ministry. After this, Textiles and Jute Ministry has been started its activities again.
Jute Ministry established was 1973 and Textile Ministry established was 1977. Previously these two ministries were under industry ministry. Since 1982 these two ministries were involved as two divisions of industry and commerce ministry. Two of the three divisions of industry and commerce ministry were then jute division and textile division respectively.


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